What’s included with your GrayDoor™

    GrayDoor™ unit for standard size T1 mailbox

    Keys to GrayDoor™ (2 keys)

    Pop rivets and washers (packet of 5 of each)


What you will need to install your GrayDoor™

Type 1 – any mailbox that is mounted on a post; or if mounted in brick, there is at least 1 inch of mailbox extending out from the brick (this space is needed to drill holes into your mailbox)

    Drill with a 1/8 inch drill bit

    Pop rivet tool/gun

    Two (2) clamps


Type 2 – mailbox is mounted in brick and there is less than 1 inch of mailbox extending out from the brick

    Polyurethane glue (Gorilla Glue or other similar glue)

    Four (4) clamps




Residential DiagramType 1 installation

    Insert GrayDoor™ unit into mailbox (your mailbox must be free of damage or dents and in proper working condition).

    Clamp black strip portion of GrayDoor™ unit so that it curves within the very front of your mailbox (we recommend setting the clamps in the upper left and right bends of your mailbox).

    Using an 1/8 drill bit, first drill 2 holes into your mailbox by drilling through the pre-drilled holes of the black strip of the GrayDoor™, going from inside to outside of mailbox.

    Starting on the RIGHT side of the mailbox insert pop rivets make sure washers are on the outside of mailbox.

    Test door making sure GrayDoor™ closes freely. If needed, adjust door by moving left side towards back of mailbox till door opens and closes easily with little space between GrayDoor™ and edge of mailbox, then use the 2 clamps to secure it to mailbox.

    Drill the 2 holes on the left side and rivet the GrayDoor™ unit making sure washers are on the outside of your mailbox.


Type 2 installation

The black strap that is part of the GrayDoor™ unit will need to be glued to the inside of your mailbox. For optimal strength, we recommend a polyurethane adhesive (like Gorilla Glue) to adhere your GrayDoor™ inside your mailbox.

    Apply an even amount of glue to the outside of the strap and insert into your mailbox (the glue will expand after you apply it - we recommend just ensuring that the glue is applied evenly on the black strap).

    Run your thumb and forefinger around the entire black strap/outside of the mailbox and then attached two (2) clamps to the top left and right corners of your mailbox (additional clamps on the left and right sides will also be helpful.

    Depending on the glue that you are using, it may take up to four (4) hours to dry.


If you have any questions regarding installation, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Important Information

GrayDoor™ is currently only available for standard size T1 mailboxes. Please contact us to be added to our list for other sizes of mailboxes. Be sure to let us know what size your mailbox is.

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